Radio Rehab – Now with sound

Over the last few years I have had a dream of converting an old broken radio into a bluetooth enabled system.

So far I have purchased:

I have now started to put all of these parts together.  Right now it has just been cobbled together on the kitchen table.  It will eventually need to be moved into the Old radio case.

Items that still need to be selected include a small set of speakers and possibly some switches.

To put it all together I had to do a little bit of soldering.

12v to 5v Converter
Bluetooth adapter with the case removed
Power to Bluetooth adapter
Powered on bluetooth adapter
Connecting Power from Amplifier to the 12v input of the converter
Everything put together




Step 0: Old Radio Project

I am starting a new project, I want to restore an old Radio, with new Hi-tech – low cost guts.

The plan is to find an old Radio on craig’s list, put in Raspberry Pi Bluetooth audio, and some new speakers.

New SD Card Image:
 diskutil unmount /dev/disk2s1
 sudo dd bs=1m if=2013-09-25-wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/rdisk2
 diskutil eject /dev/rdisk2

Bluetooth Audio —  —Auto pairing


Small Amp —–320-604

Amp Howto: