Understanding the Power Of Now

Floating in water

Imagine you are floating in water. The water represents your past and the future is represented by the air. The space you occupy between them is now. It’s possible to hold your breath and stay under the water but only for a short time, stay too long and you will drowned and consumed by it. The same is true if you spend too much time worrying about the past. It’s said worrying about the past is depression. With a lot of effort you can kick and jump into the air, but you will only splash back into the water. On the other side you can try to spend too much time in the future.

We all exist in this watery in-between for some it’s a calm mountain lake, others it’s an undulating ocean, or it could even be a fast moving river with eddies and rapids ready to pull you under.

At times in life we feel as though the waters of life are too turbulen, we can barely stay afloat. When we are struggling in the water it can feel as if we are drowning, but often the thrashing and splashing are what the cause of our stress. If you can let go of the struggle, find your calm center, you will realize you are the reason the water is so choppy, when you become calm, the water becomes calm as well.